Famous Attractions in Madrid

Let’s take a look at Madrid’s best attractions – from Madrid’s famous buildings to some of nature’s best parks and recreation, definitely your next vacation stop.


One of the most noticeable in Madrid’s skyline is the white light coming from the Torre Picasso. One of the tallest buildings in Spain of 513 ft, named after the Spanish Artist and inventor of Cubism, Pablo Picasso. It is elegantly designed with security glass entrance arch supporting the façade of 29,000 square meters. The building is famous for Alejandro Amenavar’s Abre Los ojos or with Tom Cruise’s Vanilla Sky.

Although it looks like twin towers, Torre Colon was actually built separately on two independent cores. It is known for “Enchufe” or the plug-in because of the design at the top which is actually a green copper crown that has been added after the building was finished. The building has 23 floors and total height is 381 ft.

Torre PicassoDuring 1957 to 1989, considered as tallest in the city is Torre de Madrid. Standing at 466 ft with 37 floors, the building was featured in several Spanish films during the 60s including a picture of the swimming pool at the top of the building. Torre de Madrid is also considered the highest residential area in the city.

Telefonica is considered one of the high-rise buildings with a height of 289 ft. Preliminary designing for the Telefonica was done by Lewis Weeks. Telefonica held its record as the tallest structure during 1929 to 1953 period.


Madrid has the most exclusive gardens and green zones in Europe with over 40 parks comprising about 33 million square meter land area including The Retiro Park, Casa de Campo and other gardens.

One of the best known parks in Madrid is the Retiro. The decree of First Spanish Republic in 1868 made it possible for the Palace of Buen Retiro to be viewed by public. This 120 hectare land includes the Palacio de Crista, the rose garden, Rosaleda, and the Palacio de Velazquez. Remarkable too is the boating lake ideal for family
Casa de Campobonding or for romantic hours with your loved ones.

Case de Campo or the Country House is Europe’s biggest public park. The 1722 hectare-land was declared by Fernando VI as a Royal Forrest. However, during the Civil War much of it has been damaged. Fauna is represented by small mammals, birds, insects and rodents while flora by ash groves, reforestation areas, and Mediterranean oaks. Within the park, you can also find an amusement park, the cable car, Teleferico and trade fair area.

Best landscaped park, is the Parque del Oeste adopting the British naturalistic parks having it ample space and copses.

Other parks include Parque Enrique Tierno Galván, Campo del Moro & the Sabatini Gardens, The Botanical Gardens, Parque de la Dehesa de la Villa, Monte de El Pardo and Parque Enrique Tierno Galván. Each garden magnificently crafted with colorful flowers, grass, butterflies and insects matched with an impressive history of rich culture and art.

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