Getting Around Madrid

Taxi in MadridIt has been established that the city of Madrid, Spain is a young and vibrant city that is uncomplicated to explore, especially if you have equipped yourself enough with necessary first-hand knowledge on the city’s history, culture, tourist hot spots, and other aspects of the city, general or specific. Touring the city therefore is free and easy especially if you know the basic modes of transport utilized by the Madrileños and if you have a clue on how to get around this friendly city.

Upon arriving at the airport, you may ride a taxi to get to the center of the city. Basic taxi rate is about 30 to 35 euros plus an additional charge for leaving the airport. Getting a taxi at the airport is quick and easy since most of the major car rental outfits are represented at the city airport.

Once you have arrived at the city center, you would instantaneously notice how getting around and touring Madrid is much simpler than other cities with spacious boulevards which make them sort of intimidating and rigid. Madrid is quite the opposite as this city is equipped with clean public transports that arrive at the expected time, making your excursion hassle-free.

Dependable Metro

An affordable and flexible means to transfer from one tourist hot spot to another is the continuously expanding metro, underground or subway system in Madrid. The Madrid metro is open all year round at a specific time from 0600-0200. By riding the metro, you can be assured of being on time in all your scheduled activities in your itinerary, whether it’s having lunch at a Spanish bistro in one district to having a late night dinner in another barrio, one can effectively make it on schedule.

Buses A-Plenty

The city of Madrid offers a superb network of bus lines and routes that serve not only its intercity districts but also its neighboring countries with international links to the city. Most of the buses are clean and modern and are reasonably priced. The Madrid buses are a highly advisable means of touring the city when the weather is not too hot which is usually the months of June to September. Traveling by bus in Madrid is safe at any hour of day as the buses travel 24/7 cycle. The only downside of riding a bus in Madrid is when the roads get too busy as buses are not exempted from Madrid’s traffic conditions just like in every other city.

Safe Taxis

Taxis are another means to tour around Madrid. Safety is an utmost concern of every foreign tourist and such is not a problem in Madrid as the taxis have a city record and are registered. The Madrid taxis are compelled to display fares and surcharges so as to be transparent with the transactions. Just like its bus lines, Madrid taxis abound in the city at any hour of day.

Car Hire Convenience

For your out of city excursions, hiring a car is a highly recommended for its convenience and reasonable pricing with minimum rates of less than 10 euros. If you’re traveling with a group, hiring a car not only provides you with sightseeing convenience, it can also save you money.

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