Great Food and Dining

Being a considerably modern Hispanic city, the city of Madrid is home to some of Spain’s major boulevards, fashionable shopping centers, and more importantly, fabulous restaurants that guarantee excellent food and dining experience to any visiting tourist, local or foreign.

Dining in Spain is as varied as the needs and tastes of tourists. Hence, it would not be so difficult to find a place to dine that suits anybody’s taste and requirements. Thematic restaurants include the Botin Restaurant and Café de Oriente; Restaurante Cornucopia; Al Natural Restaurant; Café Oliver Restaurant; Corral de la Moreria Restaurant; La Trainera Restaurant; and La Barraca or La Buganvilla Restaurant.
The Botin Restaurant, though quite traditional, is worth visiting because of its classic stature. Being listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest restaurant, Botin Restaurant is something that should not be missed. It is quite an interesting and historic experience to be able to come to a place that has preserved its tradition for so long. Café de Oriente is another traditional restaurant that is famous for its spectacular backdrops such as the Royal Palace and the Plaza de Oriente, which makes one’s dining experience as remarkable as the history that this restaurant has long established.

In contrast to Madrid’s traditional eateries, the city boasts of Restaurante Cornucopia which is quite modern in terms of food offerings as well as restaurant ambiance. Open everyday from Sundays through Saturdays, this restaurant is quite reasonably priced despite its undeniably excellent food quality. It provides its diners the opportunity to sample special menus during Thanksgiving Day, which is something that other restaurants have never done. It offers its guests a vibrant environment Paellathat caters international cuisines that are presented in a creative and welcoming manner.

Al Natural Restaurant is an establishment that is a definite lure to vegetarian tourists because of its assortment of vegetarian cuisine, including macrobiotic foods, vegetarian paellas and pastas, and also vegetarian salads. Even outside one’s country or city, vegetarian travelers need not worry about abstaining from food for fear of sampling non-vegetarian comestible as restaurants like Al Natural is true to its name of going natural in its food offerings.

A Mediterranean-themed restaurant, Café Oliver Restaurant fuses Moroccan, Italian, French and Spanish cuisines. This restaurant, which boasts of a gourmet chef, has earned a reward for being “more than just a restaurant” and tourists just can’t get enough of its tasty treats.

Another restaurant category in Madrid is the flamenco restaurant, wherein the Corral de la Moreria Restaurant comes in handy. This restaurant offers the best flamenco performance in all of Madrid coupled with outstanding Spanish food that is guaranteed to lure any guests to keep coming back for more authentic Hispanic and gastronomic experience.

Another restaurant variety in Madrid is its seafood category restaurants. One such restaurant is the La Trainera Restaurant which offers a cornucopia of fish kinds and various seafood menus. All of its seafood dishes are guaranteed fresh as the foods and ingredients are purchased daily from the freshest yield distribution market in Madrid.

The last restaurant category in Madrid from this random list is the La Buganvilla Restaurant and La Barraca. Both restaurants offer the best tasting paellas that will make every tourist’s stay in Madrid a truly remarkable experience.

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